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John Knox Farms


Growers of quality potatoes.

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Our farm is based on the Isle of Wight on the south coast of England. With fertile ground and a climate delivering sunshine and showers we grow cereals, maize and potatoes across our land. 

Our focus is on potatoes which are sold both locally and across Britain, to food producers including McCain and KP who make your delicious potato products.


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What we do?

Crisping Potatoes

1000's of tons of potatoes go to McCain and KP who make your snacks like pom- bears and McCoys crisps.

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Chipping Potatoes


We supply many  local fish and chip shops     on the Isle of Wight,

Providing local produce for local people is important to us.

Countrywide,  we market to McCain who make McDonalds chips with our potatoes



We grow maize to create silage used to heat local homes. Processed through an Anaerobic Digester, this operation creates both methane for the gas grid and carbon dioxide for fizzy drinks.

This  by-product is called digestate which we use to organically fertilise our land.

Supplying KP

This is the first lorry of the season loaded and ready to go! Its journey will take it off the Isle of Wight and to KP factories where it will be chopped and cooked to make the crisps you love! These potatoes are unlike the potatoes you will be used to. They are small round and red! These are ideal to make crisps out of due to their cooking poperties.

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Contact us about ordering potatoes, being part of our team or any other questions.

New Wolverton Farm, Shorwell, Newport, Isle of Wight

PO30 3LH

Tel: 07967 978352

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